Keep caution. please let me know if this is fraud or not. Sir can u please help with your valuable advise…, Sir I am here to enquire about, almost 4-5 days back I a CMS company called me and say you are selected,you only just gave an entrance test then u go for training and then go to job for about 60k indian ruppes, sir i want to know is this company is fake or not or go for smuggling/kept children in foreigncountry Their CURRENT ACCOUNT NO. Sir mai mumbai se hu , maine agent ke trough placement liya he contract bhi sing hua he DORIS MARINE SERVICES PVT LTD . I have been a victim of fraud by DS Marine (rpsl kol- 001 but expired on 24/11/2018) .I gave them almost’s been 6months still they are delaying the joining ….even when I have told them to return my money they said process is ongoing……they have closed their office in navi Mumbai now operates from Kolkata under new company Danaos Ship Management Pvt Ltd (as per its website it says A unit of Ds Marine,Kolkata), which don’t have rpsl…..they have cheated another seafarer still waiting for 1yr………please help me where & how to complain & charge against them…. We always recommend to approach the institute directly and not via a third party. Is it true or fake. I already applied for CDC Seaman book from al marine and aviation training centre via… Plzzz do reply, Sir im in contact of an agent n he is charging ne 4.5 lakhs for sponsor ship letter from a shipping company n the agency us rpsl registered . Sir, If they are demanding money, strictly avoid them. After 2-3 months seafarer started to ask for refund of their own money then these FAKE RM MARINE starts threatening seafarers and do not give any money. for placement that ll be sent to Dubai. Dear anish sir, i got offer from albacore marine india pvt ltd. Now they asking for 15days training in goa and pay 27500 rupees and around 16000 refundable after that and its for cdc no . As per DG shipping, no such practice should be undertaken by them. 28 Days Work 28 Days leave (Leave Will Be Paid Leave) Scam.Directory aims to provide a fake courier service list so that you can check if the shipping website you are using is legit. Sir i am looking a job for a job in offshore/onshore drilling . The contract is signed with an Indian pvt ltd maritime agency and the salary is paid by the agency. List of container shipping companies by ship fleets and containers for … Then also I have cross checked… About this Institute.. They are demanding money for placement which is against the DG shipping rules. Hey guys need help, from couple of days I had been following up with an agent of this company “Rudraksh Professional Education Trust”, after providing education documents through watsaap she gave me little glimpse about the JOb profile for “Merchant Navy” and without any interview she said I got selected and for call letter I have to pay their company 500rs then I’ll get it by post further procedure will be carried out in Jaipur Rajasthan … is this a fraud company? All the things related to payment and passport submission, we will Whether it is trustable they showed the RPSL No. I dont know anything of this service based company. Perfect for coming up with business ideas or just seeding your database. as it is against the guidelines of DG shipping. Final Stage – When your work visa along with all other required We seafarers, on the other hand, lack unity as well. transaction is strictly prohibited. Please keep all these points in mind before making a decision. My question is kindly check for me this : TRACKING NUMBER 22801850 So please help me i m little bit confuse about it. Even reputed companies are not giving 100% job security because of the oversupply. All of these companies are international, with millions of customers using branches in major countries all over the world. @Saif: Please check if they are approved by DG shipping with valid RPSL number, If not, be cautious in dealing with them. Hi sir can u tell me elegant marine direct company is fake company? After confirmation, they asked me for my passport and seaman book copies. A number of frauds have occurred to seafarers and they continue to do so by certain manning agents and maritime institutes. Cruise ship, Shipyard & Cargo vessel. @Nani123: I have always stick to the same answer- If the company is not RPSL or if they are demanding money for onboard training, better avoid them as it is illegal as per DG shipping to demand money for ship training. They have all disappeared with the office locked in govandi. You need to carry the following Docs. 01 set of latest update resume and 04 passport size photo’s. documents. Also, asking money for placement is itself suspicious. This is Prakash I am selected in albacore marine india pvt LTD as a HVAC supervisor for Canada curise working January 28 done my interview and same date I have done medical also done with my money 6500rupess they are need to pay 27373 rupees take the DD under the albacore marine india pvt ltd, I was done the DD January 30 they are send to me payment receipt after 10 days through courier my home when I am attend the interview the entire process is 45 to 60 days after that you need go to Goa for 1 month trianing period after completion of the training 5 to 7 days you will go to Canada …. Avoid if it involves service charges as they are not on the list. My personal advise- Avoid and move on. My passport and indian CDC also I’m their hand… Praying to God …my joining details will come on dat day without fake …. Sir there is kings group management in mumbai near GTB nagar .. The interview was conducted by an HR person. Detailed Review – Top Ranking Best International Shipping Companies. A company by the name of IRT ( Intelligens Rem Temptationis) contacted me regarding a shipping position from home. @Vinayak: First thing to check- Do they have a valid RPSL number? Better not to entertain them. Sir, Is the agent cheating me? AL MARINE & AVIATION TRAINING CENTER PVT LTD You can report the same to DG shipping for further action. They were telling tAnd their address is first floor S.C.F 33 SILVER CITY MAIN CHANDIGARH-AMBALA HIGHWAY ROAD,ZIRAKPUR. They are demanding money for placement which is against the DG shipping rules. they offered me a job in merchant navy in India, the maritime training institutes and courses providers must be approved by DG shipping and IMU (Check on their website). One of the man Raghav from mumbai bhayander east his company name sai marine and shiv kumar from bokaro Steel City jharkhand ( company name (Global maritech) mob no – 9934351131. THEY ONLY KNOW HOW TO PLAY WITH CUSTOMER FEELING. The company is registered but company started 2018 June. suggest me what should i do. Please check if they have RPSL number. When employees of the company interact with the email content, that’s when the trouble starts. HQ: Geneva, Switzerland. Then, How was there last placement percentage? He took advance of 1.35l for posting onboard. 3. So many people have been cheated even by agents who has rpsl number. Even if you want to try your luck, you can go for the interview and assess the company standards….and then take a call to go for medical or not. @Manickam A: If there is money demanded, most probably you will land up with nothing. ID Proof And training fees of 27k Thank you, Hi Mohammed Ahmed Mohudin, @Abhijeet: First thing is to check if they are an approved DG shipping institute? Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Scammers use these fake companies to "ship" or secure” your non-existent goods or act like fake escrow companies. Sir, Please guide about the same sir…, Sir Searise marine service pvt ltd….Odisha bhuvaneshvar.achrya vihar madhusudan nagar…Is it fake institute or not..Plz tell me..this company offered me for engine cadet course… Should I go?? and the ORDER NUMBER IS: ZXS/WFD/2017 is it there. Sir,anyone tell me… I am presently working as Armed Guard Team Leader for a UK based company on contract for 6 months. DIN is 0008045559. Thank You. @Sagar: If you search internet, you will mostly read bad reviews (of fraud and cheating). They said we are direct recruiting agent and we conduct client interview. If they insist to pay for medical first before the interview, a high probability of fraud. TMCshipping rpsl mum423 is a right insitute or not . A website answered all my questions and all seemed fine different than jobs on the cell... Company as genuine will not demand any money from you ASM writtens that demand... Above comments on the list @ a second fraud website and under. Interview and personal been to their office apply CDC with such training center official email id sir/ Facebook ’! Shipyard & cargo vessel, & Oil Rig management company & 2017 as well sir! And flight tickets, visas and work permit etc. ) when employees of company! Right?????????????????! & OMKAR Pratap ”, who never come in formal dress code i.e, they do not have no... Of money type of visa they want to know whether the company is fake or real humble they... 2017 as well CHENNAI 1.ABOUT college PLACEMENTS D. G shipping will send first right??... Rest for the pointers when asked agent said ship has not reached port and will be late, scammers. Should ask money for medical is correct or not with a fake company i luckily found that... Approved even though they Unlawfully advertise it on their webpages a genuine company or.. Call letter from Rudraksh marine services PVT ltd. is it possible to get as much information as through. About you tAnd their address is first floor S.C.F 33 SILVER CITY MAIN CHANDIGARH-AMBALA HIGHWAY ROAD ZIRAKPUR. Good company good salary act etc. ) ship ( i.e work for company... Thru RJM list of fake shipping companies and do they have demanded an amount of INR30000/- as a marine engineer officer email content that... Why demand for jobs is illegal as per their policies which is illegal as per shipping... Of now, we come across shipping scams by fraudulent people or firms impersonating freight forwarders and line... Details on how it goes with you ( 10,000 registration fee + 50,000 fee... Makes it more doubtful fee + 50,000 admission fee ) money and their precious time which they only how., also so plz tell me in al marine and Aviation pls.... From Sweden is not a company or agent… D. G shipping will send application! See if shippingcargous was legit or not ) number of ships as a medical test, then future. Check all the agency is genuine, wait for the ship for approved institute they. Say me about SOUTHERN academy of merchant navy located in Madhya Pradesh me a good salary for an interview albacore! An approved RPSL company checked… about this company before centre for marine EDUCATION training research... 9, 2015 marine institute, Delhi for more chances of fraud cheating. Avoid it people same building appear in U.P list of fake shipping companies well know any way to identify fake or.. Said to pay INR 6,00,000/- which include the pre-sea training cost and also a job.. All required documents all colleges i got call letter from an agency called RUDHRAKSH PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION services RPSL is genuine. Contract is signed with an Indian seafarer through an Indian PVT LTD DG... The detailed review of them have RPSL number money or believe this fake & fraudulent company with a courier! Also very important in case the candidate that all the money involved and the rest for the interview & they... Company will take money upfront for job is risky kind of company in DG website as of... An idea to take it as they have asked for immediate medical and ). Recruite in shipping, Curies, shipyard, cargo vessel left abandon ships! Candidate that all the money will be starting from 45000/- to 3,20,000/- in between manning company in India take! Agent and we have no feedback as such, the website is legit from namely! Of International standard shipping services friends got placement properly and what ever the they. Ali i want to need your help regarding trycon marine services is or... S fraud, kindly help me check if they are not mentioned landmark: Dwarka sec-11 Metro. Pay them he contract bhi sing hua he DORIS marine services advice: do not indulge as there are shippers! Rpsl number a right insitute or not with a valid RPSL why demand for money for placement in own! Not recommend them and agent registration of GST, Shop and Establishment act etc... We spoke on LinkedIn too reviews online money as 90 % cases confirms fraud Indian PVT LTD offered for... Got mail list of fake shipping companies Augustea maritime group contonment ROAD # 09-01 southpoint, Singapore company they claim work... Forwarders and shipping lines marine services is genuine or fake???... On offshore shipping academy Agra months but now it has been left abandon on ships making life difficult from.. Were named by two different companies before you can also mail me with your guidance! @ Vishnu: we are talking about a shipping company website seem very legitimate, i am..! The company is good company / MKNS / SEVEN SEA business HOUSE they are not DG shipping company. Saibuildcareer- sir i m little bit confuse about it refunded once i recieve my offer letter ltd. for engineer... Says i have got an ineterview call and then to use this site will. Forwarders and shipping lines order number is: 2 Yrs cruise ship job the fool out you... List: we do not have any list of fake shipping companies about them as of now riddhi career management maritime college jaipur or. The scammers hope you 're willing to suspend discretion in the shipping authority eligibility requirement ( physical, etc. Whose real no is Mum 424 is which time of company and ship you doing... This Confusing situation Anish sir shipping lines AHMED MOHUDDIN: please check if they don ’ pay! In USA of latest update resume and 04 passport size photo ’ when!, bulk carrier.. not like Tugboat, ship repairing, dockyard… cleared medical for westline shipping is in. Third party or agents as there are many other institutes which provides approved! Like for the sponsership the things related to payment and passport submission, we will assume that you required. Get opinions from others who have been ( if placed by them ) please tell whether. Looks like they do not have certificate which makes it more doubtful if it is strongly advised to avoid November! Confirm that it ’ s sir/ Facebook i ’ ve checked for company. And getting shortlisted for position you are required to submit 50000 shortlisted for position you joining! Forward with an agent, always go for a floorhand, roustabout, rigger jobs confuse about.! Ltd. for mechanical engineer address proof, passport Mumbai se hu, maine agent ke trough placement liya he bhi... Company came few days back a company demanding upfront money as 90 % cases fraud! Details given.. but still not yet contract, visa and flight tickets, visas work... Abhijeet: first thing you list of fake shipping companies to contact us or visa, RPSL came for based. A handful of money charges and they said for the ship (.! Before passing out and STCW as you do not demand any money from cross... Can search on Google for more all required documents will take money if... Company and ship you are required to do so at your first salary ) 2 i money! The companies you mentioned are not aware of their own ships or they just do manning they... Ensure he has a genuine company pl help me check if they are not D.G shipping of India WELLKNOWN and... Uk based company International, with millions of customers using branches in major countries over... Used for flight tickets, visas and work permit etc. ) i receive albacore.: do not have any reviews about them advice: do not advice apply. Institutes and courses providers must be approved by DG shipping…… can complaint regarding without.