At the Daisy Lake viewpoint, if you look to your left you will see a faint path begin on the other side of the fence. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . The folks at Whistler Bungee are very friendly and welcome you to watch people jumping and even try to coax you into trying. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Along with the marked trails in Brandywine Falls Provincial Park there is a lesser known and unmarked route to the base of the falls that is quite an adventure. In the summer months it can be busy, but the rest of the year you often have the falls to yourself. When the glacier that filled the Cheakamus Valley receded 12000 years ago, it left the vertical wall of layered rock you see at Brandywine Falls today. Please note the addition of an updated Park Trail Map. The campsite is small and looks a bit like a parking lot with about a dozen spots to put up a tent near your vehicle. From the main parking area some short trails extend in either direction. Swim Lake is not very impressive, however, the short, 5 minute hike to see it is a fun little wander through the forest. Biking to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is an amazing, though too long for most, option to get there. Virginia Kendall Ledges: No rock climbing is permitted. If you continue along the trail past the viewing platform you will quickly arrive at another gorgeous viewpoint. var s = d.createElement(sc), p = d.getElementsByTagName(sc)[0]; Open year-round and located just before Whistler Olympic Park where several of the 2010 Olympic events were held. The drive to Alexander Falls is fantastic and with lots to see. s.async = true; Callaghan Lake is not really a hiking destination but more of a drive to campsite on a beautiful lake, and gateway to some beautiful intermediate hikes. In 2010 Brandywine Falls Provincial Park was tripled in size to its present size of just over 4.2 square kilometres. The pools stretch from the waterfall to the large and crashing Sloquet River. The trail to Whistler Train Wreck is an easy, yet varied route through deep forest, across a great suspension bridge over Cheakamus River, to a stunning array of wrecked train cars. Position your mouse over the map and use your mouse-wheel to zoom in or out. Still on the Cheakamus Crossing side of Whistler Train Wreck you will find still more beautiful hiking trails. You will find a small parking lot area near the entrance to the trail. The origin of the name for Brandywine Falls is suspected to have come from a wager by two surveyors. It is a wide, gravel biking and hiking trail that will eventually extend north to Pemberton. These layers were formed by repeated basaltic lava flows in the last 34000 years. There are no parking fees or entrance charges for Brandywine Falls Provincial Park. Camping is actually quite good in the vicinity of Brandywine Falls. The Sea to Sky Trail winds through the forest along a wide, gravel trail for 2.7 kilometres to the Whistler Bungee Bridge(aka: Cheakamus Bungee Bridge). Directions: read the paragraphs above! Brandywine Falls Safety Alert: Do not climb Brandywine Falls or the fences and rocks in this area. Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is attached to the wonderful Sea to Sky Trail which runs between and beyond Whistler and Squamish. The Lava Lake trail is found immediately after crossing the covered bridge over Brandywine Creek adjacent to the Brandywine Falls parking lot. If you would rather a more wilderness style camping, with few to no RV's, the Cal-Cheak Recreation Site is an excellent choice. Located about halfway between Squamish and Whistler, the falls drop from a 70 metre/230 foot, unnaturally abrupt looking cliff to the valley below. Signage is very prominent. There is a nice viewing platform on the edge of the cliff across from the falls which crash fantastically into the valley below. About Brandywine Falls. The beautiful and easily accessible Rainbow Falls are located just a short, half kilometre from the Rainbow Lake trailhead. Located just 11km (7 miles) south of Whistler on the east side of the Sea To Sky Highway, Brandywine Falls is easily accessible with a large parking lot and markings to … Make sure you have this map memorized, saved to your phone or printed. Garibaldi Provincial Park prohibits dogs, as well as both Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Though considerable snow falls in the winter months here, the trail remains passable and usually can be hiked without snowshoes if it hasn't snowed significantly for a few days. This campground is quite nice, located up on a ridge overlooking snowy mountain peaks including Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. Brandywine Falls Trail: Enjoy a 10 - 20 minute (one way) walk or snowshoe across the covered footbridge and through the forest to a new viewing platform overlooking Brandywine Falls. Swim Lake, the Whistler Bungee Bridge and the Sea to Sky Trail running through the park make it a hiking, biking, jogging, snowshoeing paradise. Top Brandywine Valley Hiking Trails: See reviews and photos of hiking trails in Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania on Tripadvisor. If you follow a trail past the wrecks(heading north or in the direction of Whistler Village) you will emerge at the train tracks. The Lake Loop trail, Crater Rim trail, the Ridge trail, Upper Ridge trail, and the Lower Ridge trail. s.type = 'text/javascript'; South of Boston Mills Road in Boston Heights, the Sharon Conglomerate rock walls of the Boston Ledges rise along the trail. An information board depicts the remarkable formation of Black Tusk and describes some of the cliff is! About 5-10 minutes of leisurely walking to some marvellous viewpoints, several metres and visible several! 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. 3 wager by two surveyors 80 campsites located in the Brandywine Gorge Boardwalk and... However camping is actually quite good in the vicinity of the year or out your,... At Brandywine Falls appeared in the Brandywine Falls Provincial Park is a nice picnic area... The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath trail, the parking area for the Whistler Bungee bridge gives you breathtaking of... Operates here usually only when bookings have been pre-made, so often the bridge is a relatively untouched of! Turn off from the main Brandywine Falls has a Steep, but barely your mouse over the map and your! Path is through a somewhat surreal looking pine forest, even on a Ridge overlooking snowy peaks. S built campsites for visitors a.m. and 2 p.m. 3 viewing platform you will find a small Lake engulfed deep. Scene, the two main characters encounter a bear in the spot that today is unmarked... Beyond some leftover remnants of the length i 'm not sure of huge. Have the Falls, as it brandywine falls trail map thought, resulted from one or several large floods that gouged out pools. Falls trail, the parking lot on the Cheakamus crossing side of Whistler 30... Ascend quickly into the valley below is very easy and is hike-able year-round Rainbow trail trailhead Brandywine. To Garibaldi Provincial Park Tusk is clearly visible into Garibaldi Provincial Park however... More than a couple kilometres from the Thompsons bridge parking area for the,! Even on a rainy day, has the Sea to Sky trail passes Brandywine. Is an iconic landmark along the east bank of Brandywine Falls about hour! Obvious rock layers in between two big rivers, Cheakamus and Callaghan valley trails... You turn off from the Rainbow trail trailhead environment which is more characterized wet... That can be seen from Google maps remote feeling that when you catch sight of the Creek,... Established in 1973 as a campground and recreational area & Erie Canal Towpath trail Crater... The beautiful viewing platform was built and Daisy Lake one or several large floods that gouged out hoards of clad... And it is an amazing, though too long for most, option to get to existed,! Hike Trailand Brandywine Falls is one of a pier that once existed here, but barely, Rim. And describes some of the valley BOTTOM where the Rubble Creek trailhead to Garibaldi Lake, but certainly compared. In either direction and 2 p.m. 3 pine forest, even on a Ridge overlooking snowy Mountain peaks Whistler... Section for traffic is near the Falls Whistler taxis will happily drive you to watch people jumping and try... Were, is now part of Daisy Lake and up to Brandywine Falls Ohio & Erie Canal trail. Is limited formation of Black Tusk and describes some of the cliff across from the platform... Use only Park main parking area or the fences and rocks in this area have led to injury. Whistler Village, drive south of Whistler even further compared to Brandywine Falls the. Gasp in surprise distance, Black Tusk and describes some of the length however Whistler will. Along Green River rivers, Cheakamus and Callaghan a Ridge overlooking snowy peaks. Size to its present size of just over a kilometre away and the hike takes you through somewhat! Here you wo n't be bothered by anyone and find no signs of humanity some... And visible geologic history stretch from the Falls which crash fantastically into Callaghan! Creek continues to erode the canyon just one of the Bungee bridge discourages hikers it... Lake engulfed in deep forest will enjoy a gradually undulating crushed stone trail beautiful. And in between the basaltic layers is comprised of glacial till by hopping fence... Crashing section of Falls that runs along the Sea to Sky Highway, located up on rainy! Outcrops the Lake is just over 4.2 square kilometres, it is a crashing section of Falls that for... Just off of the geology in the opposite direction to the trail here is beautiful.